20210521 microfluidics

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Taking PDMS casts to assemble microfluidics

In LAF bench with lab coat on

  • cut PDMS from wafers
  • punch holes with white 1mm OD punch
  • Plasma clean and attach PDMS to glass wafer (PDMS did not automatically attach to glass. We had to give it a little push

When we attached the device to the flow control, we used 0.6mm syringe tip 23G. We used Elveflow tube.

We had established a flow of cells in the chip, starting with 100uL/min, and went down to 5uL/min. Cells seem to attach to the traps when they are in huge clusters, but also attach to the walls and floor when the flowrate is very small. However, they do not seem to have flattened after 20 min. We have started recording a timelapse overnight with a flow rate 50nL/min.