20210625 Microfluidics

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Cell passaging

Passaged one of the flaks, the other was passaged yesterday when we needed cells. If we need any more we will use this flask.


Cut out Thomas' and Annikens chips from the new wafer we made 21.06.2121. Plasma cleaned them and mounted them to microscope slides. We put one drop of distilled water into Thomas' chip. We put two drops (one in each inlet) of diluted collagen into Annikens chip. This worked well for covering the chip with collagen without creating Bubbles, making sure all the surface was properly covered.

Filling chip with distilled water

We filled Thomas' chip with destilled water by using the syringe pumpe in reverse. We placed an empty 5 mL syringe into the syringe pump. Then we used one of the small valves as we filled one incoming and one outgoing tube with destilled water, making sure we had no bubbles in the tubes. We filled the tubes manually with a syringe filled with destilled water. Then we closed the valves and placed the tube into a small Falcon tube with more destilled water. Then we opened the valves again and started the syringe pump which redrew the plunger of syringe and filled the chip with distilled water by sucking the water into the chamber of the chip. We had no bubbles.