20210806 planning meeting

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  • The group wants to continue during the summer.
    • We need to make a plan for having contact persons available during the summer (Thomas, Dag, Yi, Denis)
    • The group needs a key for room 128
  • New designs?
    • Yes we can get a new mask printed
    • The group will make a summary of what has worked and what did not work before preparing new designs
      • photolithography issues
      • liquid flow issues
      • cell issues
  • The group should write up a short discussion of what the goals of the project should be (on short and longer term)
  • Event in August 2 separate or 1 combined LLL event with the following elements and goals: The current LLL groups get to present their work and results so far. Audience:
    • LLL participants
    • other interested (at HTH and Physics department, UiO LifeScience)
    • our industry partners (ClexBio, Zimmer&Peacock, Sintef)
    • new students who may be interested in LLL
  • Goals
    • groups reach a milestone, an achievement.
    • LLL (groups and us) get feedback on functioning of LLL and on the projects, we get new ideas
    • Connect with industry partners to see if we can be of use to each other
    • Students can be visible to industry partners and other participants
    • PR for LLL versus students, faculty at UiO and future sponsors
  • Timing:
    • For new students: Start-up week of semester (W32) or week after?