20211506 notes after 4day experiment

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The cells seemed to start adhering, but from the timelapse it was clear that by the 3rd hour, all the cells within the camera view died due to a giant bubble entering the stream and drying them out.

We will need to make sure no bubbles at all enter the chip during experiments. It has been suggested to do the following things:

  1. Design chips with a filter similar to what Anniken's chip has for cells. Just a bunch of capillaries that stop big bubbles from entering. Issue: The bubbles will pile up infront of the filters and might block flow.
  2. Insert a filter between the syringe and the tip so that no air bubbles can enter.
  3. Fill the tube between the syringe and chip with fluid before we connect it to the chip, so that no air bubbles go through the device.