October 2013

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AFSecurity Seminar:

Security Governance in Norwegian Enterprises

Date: 30 October 2013.

Location: Meeting Room Awk (room 3118), Ole-Johan Dahls hus (IfI).


13:00h Invited talk

SPEAKER: Kristine Beitland (NSR)

TITLE: Security Governance in Norwegian Enterprises - The Dark Figures

Presentation slides: Media:AFSec20131030-NSR-Beitland.pdf

ABSTRACT: Information security is one of three priority areas for NSR (Næringslivets Sikkerhetsråd). The increased threat, an impaired security state, and lack of awareness about information security, all lead to risks that urgently need the attention of CEOs and boards. It is a priority goal for NSR to strengthen businesses' ability to manage those risks, and to handle information security holistically and systematically in their own organizations. Collaboration between business and government to counter security threats, and with the education sector to produce IT experts with strong security skills is the key to creating a robust national IT infrastructure for our growing information economy.

SPEAKER BIO: Kristine Beitland is Director of the National Industry Security Council (Næringslivets Sikkerhetsråd) NSR. She is a lawyer with 16 years experience in the police, of which she spent 11 years in management positions. Before joining the NSR, she held the position of Deputy Director of the Police Immigration Office. Previously she led the Organized Crime Unit in the Police Directorate and the Oslo Police District's Prosecution Group. She has also been Police Attorney at three different police districts.

NSR was founded by industry key organizations aiming to prevent crime within and and against the industry. NSR is the hub for information exchange and communication between industry, police and security authorities.

13:45h Discussion

14:00h End