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Group members

  • Goran Karabeg Goran working2.jpg
  • Mark Polak
  • Dipesh Pradhan


TODO break-down tasks


Task 1

Task 2

Task 3

Nice to have:

Good display in feature phones.

Time schedule/ Milestones

  • Milestone 1: 1st November

Document features and architecture

Start working in GIT

Upload app in DHIS2

  • Milestone 2: 15th November

Display all three graphs with data

  • Milestone 3: 30th November

Add more features to the graphs

Fix bugs relating to screen size in some browser

Submit app before 29th November for presentation

  • Final delivery: 8th December
  • Presentation: 9th December

Group Meeting:

Online skype

Personal meeting once a week

Bitbucket issue list for tasks

App Description

Click here

Documented learning during project


Important links

Suggested improvements to APIs etc

For the swipe in mobile phones or clicking arrow to show for graphs with different time intervals, monthly graph are selected atm, however, they need to be changed a bit to show say yearly graph or graph with one value cause it is not possible to draw line graph with only one value.

Furthermore, button may be helpful instead of the dropdown list in the phones.

Link to repository

Download link to sample web app or Android app

Login to DHIS2 demo app and after that open Web app , or select the app 'Basic phones visualization' by selecting the menu option Maintenance->App management: