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Booking of lab facilities and equipment is regulated through the University's calendar system in strict chronological order (first come, first serve). Please note that block booking of rooms and equipment several days/weeks in a row in the absence of actual participants is not allowed.

How to book in Exchange


The three testing rooms of the lab (Video studio, Eye-tracking room, EEG room) can be booked via the Outlook calendar system of the University of Oslo. Make an Appointment for when you want to use the lab and choose Scheduling Assistant. Click on Add Rooms... . The labs are located in Henrik Wergelands Hus, so start to search for HWH: S and you will see the following three rooms come up:

  • HWH: Sociocognitive lab - EEG (Rosa)
  • HWH: Sociocognitive lab - Eyetracker (Grønn)
  • HWH: Sociocognitive lab - Video (Studio)

The lab is available for booking through the calendar system at UiO.

Outlook Web App (OWA)

OWA ( is available for the web and mobile phones (iOS and Android). You cannot book rooms using Apple Calendar, so users of this calendar application should use OWA instead when booking time in the lab.