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Eye-tracking data collected using the iView X software will be saved as a .idf file. This is a proprietary SMI file format that can only be opened using the BeGaze analysis software. Once loaded in BeGaze, raw data can be exported in more common file formats.

Loading .idf files into BeGaze is straightforward if you will use SMI's Experiment Centre for stimulus presentation.

The unit now has a license to use the video analysis package add on for BeGaze which enables you to analyse experiments that use video stimuli and play your videos with the gaze data overlayed.

It is important to make sure the videos are in an accepted format (avi, wmv, asf, mpg,mpeg, mpe, vob, mp4, m4v or mkv) and not larger than 1080p. Before use in BeGaze the videos need to be optimised in Experiment Center which is easily done using the 'movie' button to load the video. When you load the video into Experiment Center, it will automatically optimise it and save it in the location C:\program files\SMI\experimentsuite\experimentcenter\tmp so there is no need to save it when you exit the program.