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PsychoPy is available as preconfigured VDI machines running Windows.


The VDI machines are running Anaconda.

Virtual Desktop Interface (VDI)

The service can run Windows 10 and Linux, and can be accessed from VMWARE Horizont client and

We have set up a few virtual desktop machines running Windows 10 for users of PyschoPy.

Why VDI?

When you purchase a computer, you get a machine with far greater performance than would be satisfactory for most common users. By providing the user with a reasonably well-equipped virtual machine (VM), it will be possible to give a regular user a machine with more appropriate custom performance.

With VDI we can easily configure a virtual desktop machine with the needed RAM, CPU, available software and other resources, with a high degree of flexibility for the researchers. Think of your work situation: one day you need a regular machine with Office and Endnote, whereas the next day requires 128GiB RAM and 8 CPUs for heavier runs of Stata MP8, and on the third day you are in the need of a desktop with 1000 virtual GPU processor cores and 250GiB RAM, before returning to normal Office and Endnote to end your publication. This is the extreme possibility that VDI can give the researcher.

Hardware Requirements

The minimum requirement for PsychoPy is a computer with a graphics card that supports OpenGL. Many newer graphics cards will work well. Ideally the graphics card should support OpenGL version 2.0 or higher.

Certain visual functions run much faster if OpenGL 2.0 is available, and some require it (e.g. ElementArrayStim).

If you already have a computer, you can install PsychoPy and the Configuration Wizard will auto-detect the card and drivers, and provide more information.

Recommended hardware

It is inexpensive to upgrade most desktop computers to an adequate graphics card. High-end graphics cards can be very expensive but are only needed for very intensive use.

Generally nVidia and ATI (AMD) graphics chips are high-performance than Intel graphics chips so try and get one of those instead.

More information

For more information about hardware requirements, please read PsychoPy documentation.